Frequently asked questions about my freelance B2B copywriting services

First, I’d like to thank you for your interest in my freelance B2B copywriting services. Let me answer some of the most common questions about my services and working with me.

What makes you different from other writers and consultants?

You see, I want you to know that to me, copywriting is not just about writing copy. It’s about a business relationship in which I partner with you and immerse myself in all you do to help your business grow.

I’m a licensed professional engineer and a trained B2B copywriter. I have over 21 years of experience working with professional services firms in the architect, engineering & construction (AEC) industry.

I’ve used the art of persuasive writing to fund project proposals and promote win-win negotiations. I’ve also been part of AE source selection boards for government contracts.

Because of my experience and copywriting skills, I can help you translate technical features into an engaging benefits-oriented conversation with your prospects to boost your marketing results.

I’m in the business of helping you create strategic content and engaging web copy to position you as a trusted authority, boost your perceived value and accelerate your sales cycle.

If you’re looking for a freelance copywriter who’s trustworthy and easy to work with, and who can hit the ground running with no handholding... call me today to have a conversation and see if we might be a good fit for each other.

You see, I only take on projects that I can feel passionate about. And this is why you’ll be getting my very best.

What education and training have you received?

I’m a licensed Professional Engineer with an M.S. degree in environmental/civil engineering from the University of Mississippi. My B.S. degree is in the same major but through the University of Puerto Rico, where I received a magna cum laude recognition.

During my experience as research engineer for the Army Corps of Engineers, I published several technical reports and drafted several training manuals. After that I worked in capital assets planning for several years and wrote successful persuasive proposals to help fund projects and emergency recovery actions.

I’m also a certified web copy specialist and a Dan Kennedy-trained Copywriter for info-marketers.

I continuously seek professional development through American Writers & Artists Inc. (AWAI) with some of THE BEST copywriters in the industry. They include:

  • Dan Kennedy, Marketing genius in the information marketing industry
  • Katie Yeakle, Executive Director at AWAI and marketing expert
  • Rebecca Matter, Director of Online Marketing at AWAI and web writing expert
  • Nick Usborne, Online Copywriting Expert
  • Joshua T. Boswell, Christian niche, Nonprofit and B2B copywriting expert
  • Steve Slaunwhite and Ed Gandia, Marketing strategists and B2B copywriting experts

I am a member of AWAI’s prestigious Circle of Success, mastering all the latest techniques in high-response copywriting both online and offline. And I'm also a member of The Professional Writers' Alliance (PWA).

Let me explain...

Being part of these exclusive groups of writers, allows me to I help you write the right kind of message that commands attention, and persuades your prospects to trust you enough to respond.

How can I benefit from your work?

You can rest assured that I focus my copywriting work on products and services I feel passionate about. In doing so, I will deliver you a much better end result that's on time, on budget and right on target.

As part of our business relationship, I can also help you find gaps in your marketing efforts and so unearth opportunities to boost your marketing results and business growth.

And because I understand the architecture of persuasion, I will infuse these proven and powerful elements in my writing to work for your success.

I'm a professional with the right combination of passion, experience, expertise and attention to detail.

How long will it take you to write my copy?

It depends on the scope of the project and what needs to be written. Typical projects take 2-4 weeks. I like to ask for 3 weeks minimum if it requires extensive research, interviews and background materials. This gives me time to research, polish, edit and revise until it meets your copy needs. The bottom line is that every project is unique, and I will not promise a deadline until I understand everything that is required.

Be assured you will always have winning copy delivered to your desk on or before the due date.

Copy for content such as complex white papers often requires more time, due to research, interviews, feedback, etc.

However, if you have a rush job, we could certainly discuss that. I’ll assess your needs and determine if I can meet your deadline. If I take on the job, you will have the copy on your desk by the deadline.

Do you take assignments outside the AEC industry?

I also take on projects outside the AEC industry. When I do, I focus on assignments that are relevant to my areas of passion and expertise, such as:

  • Environmental and sustainability technologies
  • Professional services and training in the environmental, safety and health industry
  • Personal and professional development
  • Christian industry (B2C and B2B)
  • Causes such as releasing children and communities from poverty and fighting cancer
  • Transcreation or translation

Do you quote by the project or hourly?

In most cases I quote a flat project fee.

I’m not a typical “hourly rate” copywriter. I’m not the cheapest, or the most expensive. I bring you added value in growing your business, as a professional copywriter and marketing strategist.

I follow marketing strategies for best results, not just write copy. Before I write a word, I dig into your objectives, background information on your product or service, your ideal prospect's challenges and desires, competitive difference, and more.

What are your fees?

Each project has different objectives and tasks. So each one is priced accordingly. I will supply you with a detailed proposal. And I will also provide you with alternatives to offer you added value for your investment.

My fees are based on several factors, such as the type of copy you need, the scope of the research or interviews needed, the requirements, the call to action, the results you want to achieve, etc.

My fee only changes if the project changes beyond the original proposal.

Can I expect you to meet deadlines?

I'm fully aware that effective business relationships come from building trust and partnering. Those who have worked with me find me extremely dependable and dedicated.

I’ll assess your needs and determine if I can meet your deadline. If I take on the job, you will have the copy on your desk by the deadline.

If there are circumstances beyond my control that will impact your deadline, such as changing the objectives after the start of a project, interviews delayed, reviews or approvals not received on time, I will let you know immediately.

What if we want you to revise the copy?

I include 2 sets of requested revisions. These are included in my flat rate fee in my quote. The revisions must be requested in writing and assigned within 30 days of your receipt of the copy.

Please keep in mind that the revisions do not include a change in the project objectives or format that we agreed upon. However, if the project objectives or format do change after the project is in progress, additional charges will be quoted and billed.

The reviews need to be completed within the specified time to avoid a possible delay in the deliverable for the deadline. After the second revision, additional revisions are billed separately.

What are your terms of payment? Do I have to sign a contract?

Initial contact is best done by email or a phone call. Once we agree to work on a project, I’ll send you a proposal agreement outlining the price, the project details, and payment terms and conditions. A signed proposal agreement is required prior to the start of a project.

Copywriting fees are payable 50% in advance, and the balance upon delivery of the initial draft. Copy critique fees are payable in full, in advance.

What happens if we decide to terminate the project?

I'm aware that sometimes projects may change direction or perhaps even be cancelled. Your deposit will not be returned and you may be charged an additional fee based on the work completed up to that point.

What are your hours?

A typical week is Monday through Friday, and I am on Central time.

However, I will adjust my schedule to accommodate your company outside of the CT zone. Also, if I'm working with you on a tight deadline, my schedule changes accordingly.

What if I have other questions?

Give me a call today and let's discuss your specific needs.

Best Regards,


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