About Yilda

Resonate with your prospects

I know it’s hard to compete when your prospects are used to every business saying that its solution is the best.

This is why it’s crucial to hire a copywriter with the skills to convey your message so it resonates with your prospects and drives action.

Before I became a B2B freelance copywriter, I worked for over 21 years in the Architect, Engineering and Construction industry. I’ve worked with environmental remediation, new construction, renovation, technology and medical equipment installations, and government AE source selection boards.

This is why I can better resonate with your prospects and drive them to respond — I’ve been in your prospects’ shoes.

Boost repeated business

Let’s talk about bizarre…

You see, I have a very bizarre combination of skills and experiences that shaped me as the person and professional I am today…

  • B2B freelance copywriter — American Writers & Artists Inc. (AWAI) and Dan Kennedy-trained copywriter
  • Member of the prestigious Professional Writers’ Alliance
  • Licensed professional engineer
  • M.S. degree in environmental/civil engineering
  • Published author
  • Breast cancer survivor
  • Violin player
  • Wife and mom

Throughout my career and experiences, I’ve developed a keen respect for relationship building. And this is what copywriting with a marketing strategy in mind is all about… building a relationship with your audience… to build trust. The result… more referrals and repeated business.

Convert with persuasive writing

I’ve used the art of persuasive writing and effective communication to fund project proposals, promote win-win negotiations and provide solutions to “cure” difficult projects.

What do I mean by “curing” difficult projects? These were projects that were stuck. Either because the client didn’t get what the user wanted, or because of the complex coordination involved.

In each of those I listened and used empathy to restore relationships among stakeholders. I focused on one common objective, and set the path for a successful outcome.

Yilda’s publications

  • Author of “Courage Under Fire” (2014); One Body Press — Nonfiction.
  • Author of “Vivencias: Poemario y Cuento” (1998); Editorial Pagan — Narrative.
  • Co-Author of “Vertical Migration Potential of Metal Contaminants at Small Arms Firing Ranges, Camp Edwards Military Reservation” (1998); Technical Report-IRRP-98-3.
  • Author of “Diffused Air Aeration as a Treatment Technology for the Remediation of White Phosphorus Contaminated Soils” (1997); white paper for III Regional Congress for North America and the Caribbean.
  • Co-Author of “Options for In-situ Capping of Palos Verdes Shelf Contaminated Sediments” (1997); Technical Review for EPA Region 9, San Francisco, CA.
  • Author of “Summary and Evaluation for White Phosphorus Remediation: A Literature Review” (1996); Research Technical Report IRRP-96-7.
    • This report achieved Waterways Experiment Station, Vicksburg MS, recognition as the leading agency in white phosphorus remediation research on 1998.

Aiming to your success and harnessing the way to get you there

My goal is to spark my clients’ success through copywriting and marketing strategies to impact, influence and convert. I strive to be the wind beneath the wings of my clients — to help them soar and thrive. And because I understand the architecture of persuasive copy, I will infuse these elements to work for your success.

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